Salary by Developer Type

Across the board, engineering managers, SREs, DevOps specialists, and data engineers tend to receive the highest salaries. When focusing on the US, we see some differences at the bottom of the salary spectrum. In the US, mobile developers and educators tend to have a higher salary relative to other occupations when compared to the global developer population.

  • What type of developer gets paid the most?
  • How much does a program developer make?
  • How much do cloud developers make?
  • Do front end or back end developers make more money?
  • Which is harder front end or backend?
  • Is Front End Development Hard?
  • Why front end development is so hard?
  • Is Front End Developer a good career?
  • Are front end developers in demand 2020?
  • Which language is best for front end?


Engineering manager


Engineer, site reliability


DevOps specialist


Engineer, data


Data scientist or machine learning specialist


Developer, embedded applications or devices




Developer, desktop or enterprise applications


Data or business analyst


Developer, full-stack


System administrator


Developer, back-end


Developer, QA or test


Database administrator


Developer, game or graphics


Developer, front-end






Developer, mobile


Academic researcher


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