Salary and Experience by Developer Type & Salary and Experience by Language

  • How much does experience affect salary?
  • What does salary commensurate with experience mean?
  • How much do salaried employees make?
  • What is considered a good entry level salary?
  • Is 45000 a year a good salary?
  • How much does an entry level IT job pay?
  • What is a starting salary?
  • How much is 28 000 a year hourly?
  • What is the entry level salary for cyber security?
  • Does HR decide salary?

Salary and Experience by Developer Type

When we look at how salary compares with years of experience, we see the expected – developers with more experience tend to command higher salaries. However, we see some differences when we look at specific developer roles. SREs, DevOps specialists, and data engineers command a disproportionately higher salary compared to developers within a similar level of experience in different roles. This is consistent with what we saw in the salary trends as a whole. Designers, mobile developers and educators tend to command a disproportionately lower salary.

Salary and Experience by Language

Salaries also differ in terms of years of experience when looking at the programming language a developer uses as well. For most languages, the relationship between salary and years of coding experience is linear. However, we see some outliers with users of Python and R commanding higher salaries. This could be explained by the fact that these languages are often used by data scientists who are among the most highly compensated developers.

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