What is Java Used For?

Java is that the most well liked, wide used object-oriented artificial language. the safety feature of Java makes it widespread and wide used. It employed by several Java enthusiasts for various functions. By victimization Java, we are able to develop a spread of applications like enterprise applications, network applications, desktop applications, net applications, games, robot app, and lots of a lot of. during this section, we’ll specialise in what’s Java used for, the applications of Java, and why we have a tendency to use Java.

Mobile App Development

The Java artificial language may be thought-about because the official language for mobile application development. Most of the robot applications build victimization Java. the foremost widespread robot app development IDE robot Studio conjointly uses Java for developing robot applications. So, if you’re already aware of Java, it’ll become abundant easier to develop robot applications. the foremost widespread robot applications Spotify and Twitter square measure developed victimization Java.

Desktop Graphical User Interface Applications

We can conjointly develop a graphical user interface application victimization Java. Java provides AWT, JavaFX, and Swing for developing the graphical user interface primarily based desktop application. The tools contain the pre-assembled elements like list, menu, button.

Web-based Applications

It is conjointly used for developing the net-based application as a result of it provides immense support for web development through Servlet, JSP, and Struts. it’s the explanation that Java is additionally called a server-side artificial language. victimization these technologies, we are able to develop a spread of applications. the foremost widespread frameworks Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, used for developing web-based applications. LinkedIn, AliExpress, web.archive.org, IRCTC, etc. square measure the favored websites that square measure written victimization Java artificial language.

Game Development

Java is wide employed by game development corporations as a result of it’s the support of the ASCII text file most powerful 3D engine. The engine provides unique capability once it involves the context of the planning of 3D games. the foremost widespread games developed in Java square measure Minecraft, charge III, etc. There square measure some widespread Frameworks and Libraries offered for Game Development, like – LibGDX and OpenGL.

Big knowledge Technology

As several programming languages square measure offered for large knowledge Technology however still Java is that the initial alternative for constant. The tool Hadoop HDFS platform for process and storing huge knowledge applications is written in Java. In huge knowledge, Java is wide employed in ETL applications like Apache even-toed ungulate and Apache Kafka. it’s wont to extract and remodel knowledge, and cargo in huge knowledge environments.

Distributed Applications

The JINI (Java Intelligent Networking Infrastructure) provides the infrastructure to register and realize distributed services supported its specification. It implements a mechanism that’s called JavaSpaces. It supports the distribution, persistence, and migration of objects in a very network.

Cloud-Based Applications

A cloud application is that the on-demand availableness of IT resources via the web. The cloud-based application provides the service at a coffee price. Java provides the atmosphere to develop cloud-based applications. we are able to use Java to develop SaaS (Software as a Service), LaaS (Logging as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service). The cloud application wide wont to share knowledge between corporations or to develop applications remotely.

IoT Application

IoT could be a technology that connects the devices in its network and communicates with them. IoT has found virtually altogether the tiny devices like health gears, smartphones, wearables, sensible lighting, TVs, etc. For developing the IoT application there’s tons of programming languages which will be used however Java offers a footing to developers that’s unique. IoT programmers gravitate towards Java owing to its security, flexibility, and flexibility.

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